An all day adventure that starts with a beautiful, guided 5 mile hike to the Historic Bridge to Nowhere in the San Gabriel Mountains. This is a rugged and rocky hike with several stream crossings. Pack a picnic lunch to enjoy once you reach the bridge. The Bungee jump or jumps (depending on what you sign up for) begin after lunch.

Friends and family who may want to watch your Bungee adventure but not participate in the Bungee may join for the hike and to watch for a small “spectator” fee.

Additional information

DurationFull day adventure.
LocationAzusa, Los Angeles
Group Size12 maximum
CancellationPartial refund with 14-day advance notice. You may reschedule with 72-hour notice.
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Hike and Bungee adventure takes place every Saturday and Sunday all year round.


  • Meet and check-in (Jumpers and Spectators) from the East Fork Parking Lot at the designated meeting time, either 6:00 or 7:30 AM
  • Depart from the Bridge to Nowhere trailhead for a rugged 5-mile hike. We will be crossing the creek several times so plan on getting wet. This is a 2 hour hike, be prepared to move at a brisk pace.
  • Arrive at the Bridge to Nowhere and stop to enjoy your picnic lunch
  • Jumpers begin “Jump School” directly after lunch. In this 30-minute presentation, you will learn everything you need to know to jump.
  • When “Jump School” is complete, you are ready to jump!
  • After your jump or jumps are completed, you can head down the trail at your own pace, back to the parking lot or you can wait for the entire group to finish and travel back with the guides.

Please bring a printed copy of your confirmation email with you on the day of the adventure.

Pack a big picnic lunch – after hiking you will be hungry!! Alcohol and Glass containers are not permitted.

We recommend that you wear sturdy hiking footwear (or sturdy athletic shoes) as this is a 5 mile hike. In addition a change of socks and shoes/sandals to change into at the bridge, water in a reusable bottle and a swimsuit are all recommended.

Hot weather: Bring hats, sunscreen, sunglasses, and plenty of water

Cold or wet weather:  Rain gear, warm clothes, gloves and a warm hat.

Hiking and Bungee Jump Adventure6
Hiking and Bungee Jump Adventure6
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